Skot "Oops! Where's
the Mosh Pit"
Guitars and Amps always need some lovin'.  Make
sure to get it done right with Jimmy Z.  He is
knowledgeable, gentle, trustworthy, and fair priced.  
Heck, I even left my wife with him and she played
better than ever when she came home.  The work did
seem to take longer than his usually quick
turnaround time..... Jimmy can work the music mojo
for you!

Big Mont
Monte Klein
Manistee, Michigan
Some guitar player hugging Monte
I left my 1956 Fender Pro Amp with Jimmy Z to go through. I
inherited it from my father, and it hadn't been powered up in over 20
years. When I did plug it in, there was a low buzzing/humming noise,
and it was obvious that the amp was in need of major restoration.

Jimmy had no qualms about tackling it. When he called and said it was
ready to be picked up, I stopped by and plugged in a Gibson Les Paul.
Wow, what a sound! I returned home with a bag of all the parts he
replaced along with a freshly rebuilt and functioning vintage amp!

If you spend any time in the presence of Jimmy Z , you'll soon believe
that he is one of the most intelligent people you've ever met. His
knowledge of guitars, amplifiers, and associated equipment is unreal!

Steve Frazier
Battle Creek, Michigan
I first met Jimmy in 1994 while on business in Bowling Green, Ky. I had an
old Martin that needed some fine tuning. I stopped at a music store to talk
about a quick repair and they sent me to Jimmy’s. It took me about a
minute to know that this man knew what he was doing. He fixed my old
Martin and became my dear friend and picking buddy. For many years
while on business in Bowling Green, I would go to Jimmy’s and pick and
grin. Did lots of grinning, the more we drank the more we all grinned…I
don’t travel any more, and Jimmy’s not in Kentucky any more, but I still
keep in touch and run my technical questions by him. The man knows
what he’s doing. I have played for 47 years and met many a repair man,
but Jimmy is one of the best!

He’s a sorry old thing, but I love him!

Greg Montgomery
Atlanta, Georgia
I can't thank you enough for the work you did
on my guitars and amp. I picked up my guitar
and began playing it, I'm stunned. It far exceeds
my expectations. The sound enhancement
alone is well worth the cost. In my whole life
I've never had them playing so easily and
sounding so good. In addition, your analysis
and advice have been invaluable.

Thank you for all your work.

Randy Bowman
Battle Creek, Michigan
Randy Bowman
of Gravity
Greg Montgomery
Artist rendering of
Steve Frazier
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Jimzee has performed work on several of my classics. He can drill
straight holes, glue fiddly bits with proper glue, use correct wire, etc.
whilst gnawing on a bloody rib-eye. All this he can perform as the
shots of Bourbon and smokes go down his gullet, yet he still finds time
to look over at me and tell me I am a f**king idiot.

Highly recommended.

Skot Willis
Government Cheese
Vintage Guitar Collector
Bowling Green, Kentucky

: Jimzee no longer smokes, but he occasionally drinks Bourbon
and will still call a friend f**king idiot.

Like the man says “you can never have enough
guitars”.  So I bought my first from Jimmy Z.
Not the first guitar, just the first one from
Jimmy. He didn’t have to, but he went the
extra mile to set up my Gibson and I love
playing that instrument. Great store always
feel welcome, even though he puts the bite on
me to buy something anything, “I’ve got four
dogs to feed you know”. Thanks for the Friday
nite jams and and sharin’ ...and yes I know
this is a Fender Strat...I bought it too!!!

Otto Naesset
Battle Creek, Michigan
Otto Naesset (stage left) and
JimiZ (stage right) of the
Wanna B Blues Band
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